My Herbal Journey

Thank you for finding your way here. I’m excited to be able to share all of my new adventures, my love of herbs, and all of my upcoming classes.

I’ve been learning a little bit about herbs here and there throughout my adult life, and decided to really take a deep dive back in 2016 and enroll with the Herbal Academy. I jumped right in with their Intermediate class, since I thought I already had a useful knowledge of herbalism (I didn’t), but I dove in, and learned the basics as I went along. I collected herb books like I was an addict and watched every video and webinar I could find. It was like discovering a whole new world, a huge jump from “What herb do I take to help me sleep”, to actually learning how to choose the right herb for me. If you are wondering how many herbs “help you sleep”, Google it. It’s a long list.

From there, I just kept reading, making herbal preparations, and going on herbal treasure hunts. The number of useful plants that grew in my own yard was impressive, and you can find many exciting herbs popping up in sidewalk cracks and empty lots right here in the city, let alone heading out to the countryside. I was in love.

The Craft of Herbal Fermentation was the next course I took, and I learned how to make everything from kombucha to wine and beer. I had a blast starting up new brews and taste testing the results. I even turned the lilac blossoms out back into wine and cordial.

I’m now in the process of finishing up the Herbal Academy’s Advanced course, participating in webinars, and sharing some of the knowledge that I’ve learned so far. Herbs are such an incredible gift that never stops giving, and that’s something that should be shared with everyone. If you make chamomile tea, you are practicing herbalism. When you make a tincture or a salve, you are practicing herbalism. When you sit quietly with the dandelions, you are practicing herbalism. Plants connect you to the earth.

Starting this summer, I’ll be offering some simple Welcome to Herbalism classes, including Herbs in My Backyard, Herb Infused Oils and What the Heck Do I do With Them, and Meet the Herbs Tea Tasting. These are perfect introductory classes for those interested in learning what the herb life is all about, and I’m so grateful to be able to bring them to my community. Stay tuned for class offerings, along with information about what an herbalist is (and isn’t) information about different herbs, simple preparations you can try at home, and any other ideas the plants whisper to me.